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5 Educative and Exciting Kids Android Games!

Posted by bebe-babies.com on Kamis, 19 Maret 2020

Today, children are far more familiar with smartphone games when compared to traditional games. Some parents might worry about this, but the children's Android game on your EVERCOSS smartphone can be a positive thing.

In addition to entertaining children, smartphone games can also support the development of cognition. Want to know what Android video games are suitable for children? Let's look at the lists.

Children's Android Game

1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is one of the most popular children's android games among children. Bright colorful graphics and simple games that are easy to follow are one of the reasons why people love this game.

For EVers who don't know, Angry Birds has physics based gameplay . In each stage EVers must launch angry birds to eliminate a number of piggies hiding inside the structure.

Indirectly, children learn basic knowledge of physics by playing Angry Birds, you know! They need to know where they should throw the angry birds to provoke a chain reaction to the fall of the structure, otherwise they will definitely have difficulty in completing Angry Birds stages .

2. Cut the Rope

In this game, children will be entertained by Om Nom, the silly-faced character who becomes the icon of Cut the Rope. Just like the title, EVers just need to cut the rope in this game. The reason is, there is candy attached to the rope and EVers must help Om Nom reach the candy by cutting the rope.

By considering the gravitational pull or the momentum of the rope swing, the players must think to solve the puzzle that is the core of the game. Coupled with the ever- increasing difficulty level and the introduction of new settlement concepts at each stage , the ability to think will become increasingly honed.

3. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is a very rich educational game in its visual presentation. The premise of the game is also very simple. Players only need to arrange the alphabet in accordance with the words that have been determined.

When players tap and drag on the letters of the alphabet, the letters will move and display funny shapes. After completing the specified word, the player will also be presented with a brief animation of the activities of silly monsters that illustrate the meaning of the word.

This kids android game is available for free and is perfect for children who have just learned the alphabet and how to spell.

4. Explorium: Ocean For Kids

Explorium: Ocean for Kids is a game with a focus on the concept of ocean exploration. In this game EVers will control a child who explores the depths of the sea.

Underwater adventure will be supported by a myriad of encyclopedia entries about fauna, flora, and sea objects that can be found in the game. In addition, there is also a simple puzzle game that trains memory and problem solving skills throughout the adventure.

The availability of applications for free and the absence of in-app purchases also deserve a thumbs up for Explorium.

5. Toca Kitchen 2

If EVers want to develop children's creativity, but are afraid they are making a mess in the kitchen, then this game is the answer. Toca Kitchen 2 encourages its players to be creative in their virtual kitchens.

Here, players can create as much as possible with the various raw materials available. They can also experiment with various food processing processes, such as chopping, blending, boiling, frying, and so on. Not only got there, players can also see the reaction of cartoon characters when trying the creations of his cooking.

Do not be surprised if EVers see a cartoon character who is at a loss when you give him a watermelon soaked in soy sauce.

Many children's games provide entertainment slot online as well as lessons in one package. But, don't let them forget about outdoor activities too. Children also need to play freely outside and socialize with their friends. So make sure the younger siblings have balanced entertainment, outdoor activities and social activities,

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