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The Importance of Sterilization of Baby Equipment

Posted by bebe-babies.com on Selasa, 25 Februari 2020

Cleaning utensils and eating in infants apparently not enough to clean just by washing it. Special treatment for baby feeding and drinking utensils is sterilization after washing so that babies avoid diseases that may arise from bacteria, germs or viruses. This was expressed by Dr. Andina Chrisnawati Rahardjo SpA, MKes in the launch of Mahaton by Baby Max UV Portable Sterilizer at IMBEX 2019 at JCC,

This sterilization process must be done considering the water used to clean the equipment could not be water that is really clean. Germs, bacteria and viruses can also be left in the untouched parts during washing. The habit of piling up dirty baby eating and drinking utensils for later cleaning up at the same time is also not recommended.

"Delay the washing time, finally the bacteria have a chance to grow," Andina said. There are several ways you can do to sterilize baby equipment starting from using an electric machine, such as a microwave, a device that uses UV light or with boiling water. The use of electric sterilizers is now increasingly popular because it is practical and the process is automatic. However, parents must know, how do the sterile tools that we choose so that the results are optimal. "The important point is don't forget to read the manual book. Do not be beaten flat, which one can be used for the appropriate tool, "Andina said.

Infection from tableware Maintaining the cleanliness of baby eating and drinking utensils is absolutely necessary to prevent disease, especially in the digestive tract. According to Andina, infections due to unclean baby equipment can also be started from the mouth due to fungus. Symptoms are white patches appear on the baby's tongue. Bacteria in the baby's mouth, then enter the intestine into diarrhea due to bacteria or viruses. Respiratory tract infections can also occur because of viruses that are left behind in unsterile feeding and drinking utensils.

"It could also be an infection in the liver, hepatitis," Andina said. For this reason, the doctor also recommends doing a thorough cleaning of eating utensils, drinking, teether, pacifiers, and baby toys by washing and also doing sterilization every day. "At least once a day, until children are at least 1 year old, because endurance is stable," Andini said. "The sterilization process must also be carried out on new equipment and old equipment that will be reused," added Andini.

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