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Cleanliness of Feeding and Food Equipment, Helps Baby Growth and Development

Posted by bebe-babies.com on Selasa, 25 Februari 2020

Ensuring the cleanliness of feeding and feeding equipment in infants is very important to support the growth and development of infants . This is a parent's top priority, in this case the mother, in an effort to meet the nutritional needs of the baby, and ensure the baby does not experience pain. However, not a few of you as a mother, do not realize there are little things that play a role in contributing to infectious diseases of infants, namely the cleanliness of baby feeding equipment . 

According to pediatricians, Dr. Melanie Yudiana Iskandar, infection is still one of the common causes of illness in infants who are patients. Also read: The Importance of Sterilization of Baby Equipment This can occur when mothers pay little attention to cleanliness, such as not washing hands or nursing equipment and baby food properly. Meanwhile, equipment that really needs to be kept clean is equipment that is in direct contact with Mother's Milk (ASI) and put into the baby's mouth. "Like breast milk pumps, breast milk bags, and baby feeding equipment, they must be clean and free of various kinds of germs and bacteria," Melanie said in a release titled Philips Supporting Parents to Meet Nutrition and Hygienic Protection for Babies  received on Monday (1/13/2020) ). 

Even so, too obsessed in maintaining cleanliness is also not so good for baby's growth and development. Therefore, it is not necessary to wipe all surfaces until they are shiny, Melanie said, because an environment that is too sterile can also complicate the development of your baby's immunity.

"The child's immune system is still developing, but ensuring cleanliness of eating utensils and breastfeeding must still be done," he said. Children will naturally be exposed to bacteria at home and their immune systems will learn to protect themselves. If the child is exposed to large amounts of bacteria and germs, it will not be good for the immune system.  

For example, exposure to bacteria from unhygienic equipment or food and unclean hands when handling children. Children's immune system will be difficult to defend themselves because of exposure to bacteria. As a result, children can get sick easily. Regarding children's nutrition, Melanie stressed that breast milk already contains all the nutrients needed by babies for the first six months. For this reason, mothers should give exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, then continue until the child is two years old, if possible. 

From this problem, made Philips AVENT to support new mothers with clinically proven solutions in the maintenance of breastfeeding and baby feeding equipment, in collaboration with Sleek Baby. "We want to reassure and support parents who are worried about how to meet their baby's nutritional needs by breastfeeding and ensure their children are always protected from the risk of unnecessary infections," said Pim Preesman, President Director of Philips Indonesia. Also read: Uncomfortable Clothes, Baby Growth and Development Can Be Interrupted.

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