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Brain Games for Babies 0-3 Months

Posted by bebe-babies.com on Selasa, 25 Februari 2020

A baby's brain is like a circuit that is still not connected. Stimulation will help connect all the circuits so that the brain's ability to develop.

For example, the part of the brain to hear must be connected to the part of the brain to talk. The way to stimulate it is by, for example, reciting fairy tales to your little one. Sometimes, you do not need to need supermahal equipment to stimulate your child to the maximum. Just use what is in yourself.

Hugs, crisp laughter, soft hums, and loving eyes are playful tools that will make your child feel important and close to you. According to Jackie Silberg, author of Brain Games for Babies, Toddler & Twos, the best way to develop a baby's brain connection is to meet all their needs, starting with paying attention to them. What kind of stimulation can you give? M&B answers the needs of your baby who is still 0-3 months old.

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